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Buy Solar Shades OnlineEffects Of Solar Radiation On Glass
Sunlight is a source of "cold" radiation in the sense that it does not transmit heat but rather pure energy. It is the absorption of this energy by a solar screen shade that transforms it into heat.

An ordinary window lets 82% of solar energy pass through. Absorbed by walls and furniture, this energy is reflected in the form of very long wavelengths unable to be released through glass - this is known as the "greenhouse effect." The trapped heat can only escape when the outside temperature is lower than that of the room. In the case of insulated glass this rate is even slower.

Efficiency Of Solar Shades
If one side of a home has at least 50% of the glass unprotected and exposed to the sun, and with the windows closed, the temperature of the home can be 20 to 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature. For example, if the outside temperature is 82 degrees the inside temperature could be as high as 105 degrees. Thanks to its energy efficient properties, solar shade fabrics can effectively block solar radiation before it reaches the inside room letting as little as 12% of solar energy through. Under certain conditions this can be reduced even further.

Comfort And Energy Savings
Numerous studies measuring energy transmission and efficiency have been conducted throughout Europe and North America demonstrating that solar shades can enable a 30 to 40 degree reduction in the maximum temperature of the room without the use of air conditioning.

Combined with air conditioning, solar shades allow a reduction in cooling equipment capacity of up to 30% and reduced energy consumption up to 30% as well. During the winter, solar shades lowered at night create a cushion of insulating air in between the fabric and glass offering reduced heating costs as well.

Did You Know
It is estimated that Americans represent 4% of the world's population and use 40% of the world's energy. Solar shades are smart - for you and our planet.

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